Thank you participants for making the Kitsap Cup/Futbol for Life 2011 tournament a huge success!! As a result of your individual and team efforts you have made an enormous impact in the lives of many children living in Sierra Leone.  This year YOU helped raise more than $5500 dollars all of which go directly to the 14 kids, a new record! To date, over the past six years you have raised more than $28,000! 

We wish to sincerely acknowledge all of your efforts as well as thank Olympic Soccer and Sports Center www.olympicindoorsoccer.com the referrees and staff who helped to make this our most successful year.

Thank you Candi Wood of Day One Websites www.dayonewebsites.com for providing the initial website and design.site hosting and set up for our new website.  

Many individuals and families were inspired by what Children of the Nations is 'up to' in this world and some have taken on sponsoring children individually! Please feel free if you are so inspired to inquire at Children of the Nations website (www.cotni.org) or to contact them directly if your heart is so moved. Several of you asked about the possibility of donating balls, clothing and or shoes, time, etc. to Children of the Nations and the answer is 'yes'...these kids are in need of many things we have come to take for granted in the States. Once again please call COTNI.  

Sponsored Children

Once we have the names and pictures of the children everyone helped to sponsor we encourage you to write a letter to communicate with one, more or all of the kids.  We plan to send some team photos or all to the kids themselves so they know/see/feel who is making the difference in their lives!

The children will write several letters this year to all of us who participated and we will post those on this website.  

Team Managers

Thank you for your help in making this a fun and rewarding event for both the players and the children they have now  sponsored.  We sincerely acknowledge both your dedication to your team(s) and to the time and effort you spent in making this event possible.  Please email any suggestions you may have to the email address below in regards to changes you would like to see at next years event.


Last years event planning committee was started in late November, with one follow up meeting in mid-December.  We would be honored if anyone feels so inspired to create, take on, or add to next year's and future year's events.  Needs:  Website Management, creating player information prior to the tournament and tournament volunteers. 


There is a dream floating around that we could make this possible in every indoor facility across the US one day a year..



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